Skippered Boat Hire

Hire the boat and your skipper will take you anywhere you would like to go. Up to Boscastle for an ice cream… or Newquay for a picnic, the tour is in your hands!

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Free to roam!

Breath-taking Coastal Routes to choose

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What is a skippered boat hire?

Different to our tours your boat will be your party only, and you choose where to go. We can help you to decide how to plan your route depending on how well you know the area. But essentially hire the boat and your skipper will take you anywhere you would like to go.

Our skippers are experienced sailors who are very familiar with the area, so take advantage of the local knowledge, maritime, historical or geographical. All our skippers are local seamen with years of experience on the water – most having spend the majority of their lives on the sea and volunteering for on Padstow lifeboat.

Where do we go?

Up to Boscastle for an ice cream, Newquay for lunch or maybe down to the lifeboat station for a picnic. Be sure that wherever you decide to go our skipper will ensure that your experience is the best, and safest it can possibly be. With almost 55 years of shared experience on the water between our skippers we know our stuff.

What’s the limit?

Obviously there’s only so far you can go in a day. The furthest we’ve gone south on a trip before has been Newquay about a 3 and a half to 4 hour round trip. On the flip side the furthest north would be Boscastle, a 2 hour round trip. That being said, if you do have an exceptional case or are just desperate to go that bit further along the coast we would be happy to discuss the options.

Added Extras

We know that everyone wants their experience to be a little different and that’s why we aspire to create the best boat hire Cornwall has to offer. Want a bottle of bubbly while you enjoy the view, bring one on! All glass bottles are permitted all we request is that the glasses you’re drinking from are plastic as they’re considerably more fragile. You can even bring on your own picnic if you fancy it.

The North Cornish coast is your playground – so what are you waiting for? Call us today before we’re booked up.

Alternatively our 2 hour Sealife Safari, 1 hour Seals Cave Experience and 1 hour Coastal Powerboat Tour are all available privately by selecting “book entire tour” through our booking page.
Bespoke tours also available.

£180 per hour (up to 12 passengers)

That moment you spot the lifeboat launching…