Other Wildlife in Cornwall

Padstow hosts a myriad of sea life that occupy our waters and Cornish coastline at different times of the year

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Cornwall’s Other Wildlife

If you have a passion for British sea life, then you are in the right place. Both in terms of helpful information on this website, and the seafaring expertise to get you as close as possible to a wide range of species.

Other pages on this site show the potential for interaction with such indigenous animals as basking sharks, seals and dolphins.

But what makes the coast of Cornwall so fascinating – and keeps visitors coming back for repeat sealife safari trips – is that the shores and waters around here are so bountiful and varied.

So, what less obvious creatures would you see on a Padstow Sealife Safari?

Window to a busy seabed

When the beautiful waters off the coast of Cornwall are still, looking down from your boat may give you a glimpse of the teeming mass of life on and slightly above the seabed.

You will see swishing seaweeds, quirky sponges, corals and jewel anemones, for example. These share their home with crabs and lobsters of all shapes and sizes. On the rocks, you will see clams and mussels.

Fish off the coast of Cornwall

Of course, your boat trip also puts you close to the ebb and flow of fish shoals in this part of the Atlantic too.

Look out in particular for the Oceanic Sunfish. It is also known as the common mola and is the heaviest known fish in the world. Fascinating though it is, the sunfish is not the prettiest of sea life. It resembles a large fish head with a tail attached! The reason it loves the coast around Padstow is that it feeds off jelly fish.

There are many other species of fish in these waters too, such as mackerel and pilchards, though sadly cod is a rare sight.

Getting a complete Cornish Sea Life Adventure

With such a rich array of potential sea and wildlife to look out for, it makes sense to travel with the experts.

The crews of the two-hour Sealife Safari know where to look and can alert enraptured passengers to lots of opportunities to see indigenous creatures.

If you have a particular interest – such as jellyfish – then use skippered boat hire to explore the waters to your heart’s content. Sign up to our newsletter for competitions, special offers and sealife news.

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