Our Seal Safari Tour

On this 1 hour voyage we follow the rugged coastline to spot seals popping out of the water to say hello or having a laze on the rocks

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1 Hour Trip

Meet our local and friendly seals!

Breathtaking Coastline!

Fun in all weather!

Tour Overview

The shorter of our Sealife Safari, our 1 hour Seal Safari is an excellent way to get out on the water for an exhilarating taster of the Cornish coastline. Perfect for those of you who want the chance to see some wildlife but don’t want to be on the water for a full 2 hours.

Following the coast along at speed, we will slow on approach to areas of the coastline where grey seals regularly visit. In fact grey seals are one of the marine mammals that can be seen here all year round!

If the conditions are right, we may also head out to one of the nearby offshore islands where seals often haul out on the rocks to sunbathe. An array of birds can also be seen on the trip, especially during nesting season for the puffins, guillemots and razorbills (mid April-mid July). If we are lucky and dolphins have been spotted in the area, we may head out to search for them too. You never know what might pop up along the way!

Grey seals are the larger of the two species of seal that breed in the British Isles. If weight is the criterion used, they are the largest wild mammals breeding ashore in the British Isles, adult males growing to over 300kgs while females grow to 180kgs. We’ve got plenty of them here – UK grey seals actually make up around 40% of the world’s grey seal population!

Seals can often be seen bobbing around in the water, popping up to say hello, or basking on the rocks of offshore islands. We don’t like to disturb or distress the seals by coming too close, so we keep a respectful distance from them; however often when in the water they come up to greet us.





What do I need to bring?

Obviously this will be weather dependent but here’s a basic list of what you need on your trip:

  • A windproof/waterproof jacket is a must! The boat reaches up to speeds of 25 knots and even if it’s not windy in Padstow, when you’re out on the open water the wind can pick up very fast and the temperature can really drop! Getting wet is always a possibility and although we do have spray top to borrow, it is always best to bring your own.
  • Sunglasses: To protect your eyes from the sun but also as protection against any bugs or spray that could otherwise go in your eyes. These are not a necessity though. We’ll leave this up to you.
  • Camera or phone: Lots of people want to document their trip and why shouldn’t they? In fact many of our customers are professional photographers who go on the trip to get a close snap of their favourite marine animals. However this is brought on at your own risk. We do not offer cover for devices damaged or lost on our trips. However we do make sure that all trips are as safe and smooth as possible so this is very rarely a problem. We would recommend a bag or waterproof covering to keep your electronics protected while the boat travels at speed.
  • Trainers or grippy shoes that you don’t mind getting wet: When coming off and on the boat we want you to be as safe as possible. That’s why we’d prefer it if your footwear was easy to walk in and comfortable. Also depending on the conditions we do sometimes get splashed and so it is possible that your shoes may get wet while on the tour.
  • Binoculars: Many of our customers bring their own binoculars particularly if you’re interested in the bird life our tour has to offer. We do usually have a pair of binoculars on the boat but it’s usually much more convenient for you if you bring your own.

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That moment the seals come and say hello to the boat…