Bird Watching in Cornwall

Ornithologists love the coast of Cornwall. However, anyone with even a flutter of interest in birds can enjoy the rich variety of the species to be found on these shores.

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Why bird watching in Cornwall is abundant

Throughout the year, birds of a feather flock together on the cliffs, rocky outcrops and sands around Padstow. The list of potential bird sights off the Cornish coast is considerable, particularly as the coast has a scattering of uninhabited islands to attract rarer species. This is why this area is the envy of birdwatchers UK wide.

Bird watching in Cornwall is the subject of several helpful websites run by enthusiasts. These helpful people – like the crew of the Padstow Sealife Safari vessels – know where to look for indigenous species but also occasional visitors that make a detour to the Cornish coast.

Inland birdwatching around Padstow
The Camel Estuary is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This is the body of water that passes into the sea at Padstow. This is where you are likely to see Peregrine Falcons and the less common Osprey. Mute Swans also nest along the estuary too.

Birdwatching at sea

Going out on one of our sealife safari trips will provide an opportunity to look for bird species that prefer the cliffs, islets and sea stacks of the Atlantic.

These waters are a rich source of food for many beautiful seabirds, including large colonies of Kittiwakes. This small gull spends winter months at sea and then nests on the Cornish cliffs.

You will also see plenty of shags and cormorants on this coast, two species that are often the source of confusion. For your information, shags are smaller than cormorants and feature a well-defined, rounded forehead. You are likely to see both swooping and diving for fish around your Padstow Sealife Safari boat.

One of the most common birds you will see gliding in the air around our boat will be Fulmars, a member of the petrel family. They nest along the cliffs most months of the year.

Puffins off Padstow

This area is also a popular habitat for large species of seabirds. In fact, the islands off the South West coast, in general, have the largest colony of breeding puffins. Seeing these loveable and comical creatures is often the highlight of a boat trip.

From mid-April until late July, keep an eye out for Guillemots and Razorbills. One reason these creatures are a popular feature of safari trips is their resemblance to cute penguins!

Puffin in Cornwall

Best way to birdwatch around Padstow

The above are just a few examples of the bird species you can see around this part of Cornwall.

A two-hour Sealife safari Boat Trip will give you the chance to spot a range of different birds that either hug the sands and cliffs or soar above this coast’s rocky outcrops and islands.

You also have the option of skippered board hire, a popular choice with ornithologists following leads of sightings of rare or unusual species.

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