Our Rib Boats

Our boats are fast and safe making wildlife exploration a breeze.

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Our Rib Boats

Our Ocean Voyagers ( Humber Quinquari Ribs) Stats at a Glance:

  • Length Ext (m) 10
  • Length Int (m) 8.4
  • Approx. *Weight (kg) 1100

Why did we choose Humber Ribs?

Honestly? Because they’re the best of the best. We searched far and wide for the boat with the optimum operational area, powering options and deck layout and they met he trinity of our boating needs. With Hummer being the UK’s leading RIB manufacturer, recognised worldwide as supplier of robust vessels to the commercial market Humber was a no brainer.

The Maritime & Coast (MCA) considers RIBs to be suitable for up to a maximum of 12 passengers and 2 crew and so that’s what we do.

Check that HUUUGGEE Shoal of fish!