About Padstow Sealife Safaris

Learn more about us and how we approach our boat trips; Sensitive wildlife observation without disturbing the nature habitat of the animals we’ve come to enjoy.

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Skipper & Crew

Find out more about our skippers and crew who make our trips educational and super fun to boot!

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Our Safety

Your safety and comfort are paramount to us. Learn how our boat trips super fun whilst being the safest possible.

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The Boat

Ocean Voyager is a 10m Humber Quinquari Rib with twin Evinrude 200bhp out board engines.

About Padstow Sea Life Safari: The beginning

The first season back in 2009 was a big learning curve with many hurdles to overcome and lessons to learn. But Padstow Sea Life Safari pushed on – there was so much of our beautiful cornish coastline that just wasn’t being explored mainly because people just didn’t know what was our there.

Since then we’ve grown exponentially and are still responsibly showcasing the best wildlife cornwall has to offer. The more we grow the more we can give back. Check out our ethos page for more on what we’re doing and what you can do to help.

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About Ian

Ian the founder and owner of Padstow Sea life Safaris was taken to sea from the age of six by his father who worked as a fisherman. He has grown up out on the water enjoying our stunning coastline and seeing seals, dolphins and the array of other marine life that passes through our waters. Having always held a passion for the sea he could not imagine working anywhere else.

Through most of his working life he’s been on the water – having jobs as a fisherman, a speedboat driver, owning a commercial mackerel fishing boat and volunteering for many years on the Padstow lifeboat. It was a natural progression to start sharing the great wildlife sightings he has had over the years with people visiting the area.

Padstow Sealife Safari Skipper

Our Ethos

Sensitive wildlife observation without disturbing natural habitats

Family Business

Over 25 Years experience

High knowledge of our coast

Fun in all weather!

Wildlife is our Life

Padstow Sealife Safaris is a local a family business that aims to offer customers the chance to experience the rich and diverse marine wildlife that the North Cornish Coast has to offer in a safe and responsible manner. Our official ethos is:

“sensitive wildlife observation without disturbing their natural habitat.”

Wildlife isn’t just our livelihood we really care about it. Seeing & experiencing it everyday means we can see the problems that are happening first hand. Cornwall has one of the most diverse habitats and marine ecosystems in the whole of the UK. The cultural value to Cornish residents and visitors alike is colossal. They allow for climate regulation, fertiliser, pollution control, coastal protection, energy production and improving mental and physical health and well-being.

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We make sure we record all our wildlife sightings on every trip and send them to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust this contribute towards their conservation research. Collecting this data doesn’t only mean keeping track of the numbers but contributes to finding long term solutions to the problems our cornish Wildlife and Sea Life face. The Cornwall wildlife trust works tirelessly to protect our Wildlife crucial for our ecosystem.

Our Head Wildlife Guide Jenny also spends the Winters (out of our Padstow Sealife Safari season) volunteering for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue helping to rescue and care for sick and injured seals around Cornwall during the grey seal pupping season. On top of that Jenny’s a part of Cornwall Seal Group’s long term Photo Identification Research; monitoring all the seals that we see in conjunction with the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust. Each photo is entered into their custom built database which together with the the rest of the collective efforts build our understanding of how seals use the coastal habitat and what we can to help preserve that.

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Preventing Plastic Pollution

We are committed to helping keep our seas clean so as well as beach cleans we are also keeping an eye out for litter and ghost gear (fishing net floating around in the sea) that we can retrieve to prevent it causing harm to wildlife.

More than 100,000 Whales, Dolphins, Seals and Turtles get caught in abandoned or lost Fishing Nets, Lines and Traps every year. Because fishermen need the equipment they use to be durable ghost gear can take up to 600 year to breakdown with some ghost gear nets being as large as entire football pitches the danger to our marine life is immense. But you can help too! See Some ghost gear or the beach? Pick it up (if it’s safe to do so) don’t let it be washed back in the sea to end up around a seal’s fin or a seabirds belly!

We are also making steps to go plastic free and have issued reusable coffee cups to all our crew and are now only using reusable water bottles. As part of the ‘Plastic Free Padstow’ movement.

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Squeaky Clean

Our cleaning products are all environmentally friendly, containing no harsh chemicals. We like to keep our boat clean and because we do so many tours quite a lot of our cleaning is done on the water, the last thing we want is to pollute the ocean we love!

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